Our Jewish Community

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Jewish Federation’s mission is to support and engage the Jewish community.

People come to Judaism in different ways, so we support initiatives in Jewish culture, education, and engagement. From arts and culture to advocacy and engagement, we are creating a community that is welcoming and vibrant for all, regardless of religious background or affiliation. We initiate programs to inspire Jewish life and respond to each individual’s search for meaning, connection, and community.

Together with our affiliate agencies, we fund and nurture innovative programs that provide access to an array of Jewish experiences, and we open doorways to Jewish connection for people of all ages.

In this way, we are helping to ensure a vibrant and vital Jewish future.


A strong annual campaign allows us to keep our Jewish community viable, vibrant, and vital.


By bringing the Jewish world to our community, engaging our traditions and beliefs, and celebrating our rich culture.

Jewish Life

Our rich tradition has survived the millennia because of our strong sense of community, our commitment to our mitzvot and values: Hesed, Tzedakah, and Tikun Olam.

Jewish Federation works to improve Jewish life locally, nationally, and around the world.

Whether by celebrating Jewish holidays, providing opportunities to perform mitzvot, or learning more of our traditions and customs, we educate ourselves and our youth, creating special and memorable occasions for Jews of all ages and backgrounds.

Making the experience of communal Jewish life as rewarding and meaningful as possible is the primary purpose of Jewish Federation and its partners in this community.

Jewish Heritage

The rich heritage of our local community and the entire Jewish people is a legacy and a treasure we must rejoice, preserve, and pass on.

Through remembrance, education, and preservation we safeguard the memories, the faith, and the sacrifices of those who came before us. The greatest gift to their legacy we can make is to strengthen and build upon this legacy for future generations.

Whether it be remembrance as a community and a people of the innocent six million victims of the Holocaust, educating others about the hatred that made their murder possible, teaching of the struggles survivors faced as immigrants to a new land, or celebrating and preserving the rituals, traditions, and values we have inherited, Jewish Federation is here to ensure that, with your help, all this happens.


In addition to the great things your support allows Jewish Federation to achieve locally and nationally, it allows us to respond as a community to the needs of vulnerable Jews of all ages in Israel and across the Jewish world.

With your help, we ensure poor, elderly Jews have medicine, heat, food, and a friendly face to visit. We ensure newcomers to Israel have the services and support they need to succeed and thrive. We ensure Israel is never forced to turn away a Jew from her shores. We make it possible for members of our community to get to know Israel by being there, and we provide opportunities for Israelis to get to know us, here in America.


A professional staff and committed leadership ensure the strength of our community, but also ensure a significant place at the national and global levels.


Disaster response is a communal effort, and wherever and whenever disaster occurs, Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties and the national system of 155 federations swing into action.


Many of our local agencies started out as committees of Jewish Federation, and, with its encouragement and the support of the Jewish Community Foundation, blossomed into the excellent agencies that today service our community’s many needs. The affiliate agencies of Jewish Federation are:

  • Beron Jewish Older Adult Services (JOAS) helps older adults maintain their independence, connects them to their Jewish community, and provides an array of activities and services that ensure they live with dignity. Learn more…
  • Board of Jewish Education promotes Jewish learning and develops educational programming for youth and adults year-round. Learn more…
  • Jewish Family Services works to promote, strengthen and preserve individual, family, and community wellbeing in a manner consistent with Jewish philosophy and values. Learn more…
  • Milton & Betty Katz Jewish Community Center provides a myriad of services for the entire family, including quality child care, physical fitness, a summer camp, and Jewish cultural programs. Learn more…
  • Sara & Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center serves as a resource for the study of the Holocaust and its significance for the past, present and future generations. Learn more…
  • Simon & Sylvia Zisman Seashore Gardens Living Center provides magnificent assisted living and long-term care for the elderly. Learn more…

Our Jewish community is blessed with vibrant and welcoming congregations, and a host of volunteer-driven organizations that offer opportunities to positively impact local, national, and global Jewish life. To learn more, please consult our community directory – Jewish 411


You perform a sacred obligation to be there, to care, for all Jews.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]